MonoGutHealth Session at EAAP Lyon, 2023


Cluster two – Additives

Our ESRs will be presenting their latest scientific results at @ Lyon EAAP on the 30th August, session 49 in room Gratte Ciel 1.

Title: In vitro and in vivo analysis of the growth and antioxidant activities of bioactive substances.

Teaser: Modou determined the kinetic growth curve and tested the levels of antioxidant activities of solely probiotics and probiotics combined with prebiotics in vitro. In this study, Modou will report the results obtained, highlighting the growth ability of probiotics alone, the growth ability of probiotics combined with prebiotics, and the antioxidant potential of these bioactive substances.

Title: Prophybiotics, a novel approach for in-ovo gut microbiome reprogramming of broilers.

Teaser: In this study in-vitro screening of probiotics and plant extracts was performed with the intention of using these in combination for an in-ovo application to mitigate Salmonella and Campylobacter infections in broiler chickens. Ramesha will be presenting the results of in-vitro screening assays and in-vivo implementation. 

Title: Antibacterial plant blends modulate gut microbiota in organic piglets challenged with E. coli F18.

Teaser: The study investigated the impact of dietary supplementation with garlic and apple pomace or blackcurrant on Enterotoxigenic E coli-F18 infection indicators and the fecal microbiota of weaned piglets. Kevin will present how these interventions effectively reduced E. coli shedding and postweaning diarrhea while positively influencing the diversity and composition of the microbiota.