Modou Mangan

Partner institutionBydgoszcz University of Science and Technology
  • PhD student
Personal motivation

“I come from sub-Saharan Africa, where high ambient temperature is one of the main factors that is affecting poultry production. My aim is to conduct research that will provide sustainable and novel nutritional intervention strategies in ameliorating the detrimental effects of heat stress. It will subsequently improve production performance and overall health conditions of broiler chickens. As one of the Eearly Stage Researchers in the MonoGutHealth project, this is a great opportunity for me to realise this goal, harness my skills and broaden my professional network for future research collaborations.”

Secondment atVetdiagnostica, Drobex Agro, FBN
Expertise in
  • Molecular Biology
  • Animal Physiology and Heallth
Year of obtaining MSc2018
Other informationFormer trainee on poultry management at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (2014-2015).