Kevin Jerez Bogota

Partner institutionAarhus University, Department of Food Science
  • PhD student
Personal motivation

“I have been fascinated by animals and science since I was a child, and I have always wished for a career that allowed me to combine the two. I grew up in Bogota, Colombia, and studied animal science. Later, I immigrated to the United States and joined the monogastric nutrition group at South Dakota State University, where I earned an MSc in Animal Science and an MSc in Data Science. Before joining MonoGutHealth, I worked as a research associate for one of the largest swine producers in the US. 

What caught my attention from the MonoGutHealth framework was the emphasis on interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and the development of soft skills. I am convinced that this is critical for dealing with the complexities of today’s pressing agrifood systems challenges. Furthermore, I value the opportunity to share with people from all over the world, including field experts, industrial partners, and, most importantly, my fellow ESRs, which I hope will plant the seed for fruitful connections. 

Secondment atNor-Add/DLG/CFF, Teagasc
Expertise in
  • Monogastric Nutrition
  • Data Science
Year of obtaining MSc2020 (MSc Animal Science), 2021 (MSc Data Science)
Other informationResearch Associate | Carthage Innovative Swine Solutions | Illinois (USA)
Graduate Research Assistant | South Dakota State University | South Dakota (USA)
External Consultant | Purdue University |Indiana (USA)