MonoGutHealth Session at EAAP Lyon, 2023


Cluster one – Early Life Interventions

Our ESRs will be presenting their latest scientific results at Lyon EAAP on the 30th of August, session 49 in room Gratte Ciel 1.

Title: Glutamine and glucose metabolism in suckling low birth weight piglets supplemented with glutamine.

Teaser: Piglets with a below-average birth weight are at risk of delayed development. To promote their growth and early development of the gastrointestinal tract, suckling piglets were orally supplemented with glutamine as a major metabolic fuel. To gain more knowledge about glutamine utilization in suckling low compared to normal birth weight piglets, Daria used tracer techniques to investigate the metabolic fate of glutamine in vivo.

Title: Creep feeding (dry, liquid) and pen hygiene (low, high) impacts pre-weaning growth in pigs.

Teaser: In this study, suckling pigs born in a low or a high hygiene environment were provided with creep feed in either dry or liquid form. Shiv will showcase the results obtained, focusing on the feed intake, growth, medication requirements, and post-weaning intestinal structure.

Title: The impact of early incubation temperature on broiler walking ability and final meat quality.

Teaser: Tobias investigated the relationship between the early incubation temperature and the development of the locomotory system of broiler chickens, focussing on its influence on the final walking ability at slaughter age.

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