The power of earthworms


ESR 5 Secondment blog

The experience of working in Corbiota’s R&D department was unique, as it was my first experience outside academia. Corbiota is a start-up company composed of team members with a great collaborative spirit. This spirit is necessary to face challenges and obstacles in industrial realities, such as running trials to increase and transfer knowledge on the effectiveness of the earthworm in improving the health of the animal or translating scientific concepts into benefits for the farmers and the public. Thus, understanding the practical aspects of research beyond academia is essential to meet these challenges and obstacles.

Adapting scientific thinking to meet industry requirements is crucial to bridging the gap between academia and the market. During my secondment at Corbiota, I had the opportunity to learn and apply these processes, gaining valuable insights into the practical application of scientific knowledge. Understanding industry needs is the basis to start working on recognising the specific challenges and demands the industry faces.

Translating complex scientific concepts into accessible language is essential for effective communication with non-scientific audiences. During my secondment at Corbiota, I focused on simplifying and conveying scientific information that is accessible to the target market. In addition, I learnt how to tailor communication strategies, customising communication approaches based on the needs and preferences of different stakeholders, including potential customers, investors, and partners.

The objective of the secondment at Corbiota was also to learn how to intermediate effective communication and collaboration among team members, which are crucial for any organisation’s success. I started a revolutionary journey during my secondment at Corbiota that resulted in priceless learning and personal development. After reflecting on this experience, I am grateful for having the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and abilities. Corbiota fostered my personal growth by embracing a multidisciplinary approach, adapting to dynamic environments, and enhancing communication and collaboration skills.

In conclusion, my time spent during the secondment at Corbiota was a fantastic chance for considerable learning and personal development. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge practically while gaining real-world insights and abilities. Undoubtedly, the knowledge and personal growth gained through this internship will influence my future career choices and support my continuous professional development.