1. Introduction of the ESRs to the MSCA training via research;
  2. develop a common platform for ESRs from different backgrounds;
  3. initiate an ESR Think Tank with specific tasks;
  4. introduction to wide communication and outreach part of communication ambitions.
Duration: 2 days
  • History of MonoGutHealth research programme;
  • EU Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment;
  • importance of the PCDP;
  • objectives of MonoGutHealth scientific and transferable skills courses;
  • presentation of the Researcher Development Framework.
Ethics and gender courses are embedded in research (WP1, WP2 & WP3) and training (WP4) and will be addressed throughout MonoGutHealth in line with the Rome Declaration on ‘Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe’ covering:
  • conduct of research;
  • access to results;
  • stakeholder involvement;
  • conversion of new knowledge into applications that are acceptable to society.
Introduction to wider dissemination and communication activities to embed these actions into the project:
  • course to cover website content;
  • producing effective newsletters;
  • designing and managing outreach events for different groups;
  • team working;
  • managing social media;
  • media interviews;
  • making effective video blogs [vlogs],
  • podcasts,
  • how to create best impact from peer-reviewed articles to blogs.
At this meeting it is compulsory that all supervisors and co-supervisors are present because their presence allow the ESRs to get to know all members of the beneficiary institutes.
Practical training:
  • Introduction on how to prepare oral presentations, abstracts and posters for a scientific audience at local and MonoGutHealth meetings;
  • elaboration of concepts for implementing dissemination and communication activities including media and social media.

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