Presentation of the workshop

Objective: Aspects of gut physiology in pigs and chicken

Duration: 4 days

  1. Gut physiology and functions;
  2. intestinal parasitology;
  3. tracer methodology to measure gut function;
  4. interaction of feed components with the gut;
  5. nutrition- dependent gut pathophysiology;
  6. introduction to microscopic investigation of the gut.

Practical Training:

  1. Gut tissue collection in pigs and chicken;
  2. breath tests to analyse gut function in pigs;
  3. methods to measure gut proliferation and protein synthesis;
  4. gut immunohistochemistry and microscopy;
  5. quantification of nematode infections in chickens;
  6. mRNA abundance analysis of relevant molecules in gut tissues;
  7. plasma metabolite and amino acid analysis.


FBN pig facility; FBN Metabolomics and RNASeq platforms; poultry farm

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