Get insights on
  • What needs to be done for career planning;
  • How is life in industry;
  • How do I disseminate and communicate to a broader audience.
Duration: 5 days
  • Job search; career options; careers outside academia; driving principals in private companies; work life/private life balance in the private sector; working with customers.
  • KRAJEWSKI and TROESCHER will share their career experience in the private sector and cooperation with the university;
  • KINAL will talk about her career at the university and  in the industry (examples of 3 careers and 3 different perspectives);
  • SMITH [ESCI] will explain the aspects and know-how for communication to various audiences.
The exact content of this course will be adapted based on requirements of the ESR.
Practical training:
The ESRs will exercise their skills during challenging events with involvement of business investors (Agri-Innovations’ Den contest).
  • Each ESR will apply the acquired skills for preparing a bio-business plan for implementation; the ESRs may propose start-up presentations individually or in pairs with their own innovative ideas; industrial partners designated from the consortium or externally through UTP brokers of innovations will constitute the jury; the ‘winning’ start- up will be elaborated for competing in a real programme (e.g. Agri-Innovations’ Den).
  • The ESRs will be exposed to citizens’ opinions about their innovative proposals in agriculture; the public seminar (e.g. at the city hall) aims to build up society’s acceptance for innovation; the ESRs will present the innovations and answer citizens’ questions and doubts such as ‘Why incorporate pre-birth treatments to animals? Is it safe? What are evidences for impact on health and economy? Is the meat product safe? How much would it cost us?’
STADNICKA [UTP]; MILCZEWSKA [UTP Regional Centre for Innovation-Centre for Technology Transfer-UTP Spolka Celowa (special purpose vehicle)]; SMITH [ESCI]; KRAJEWSKI [Vetdiagnostica]; KINAL [Drobex Agro]; TROESCHER [Chemovator GmbH]; local journalist [invited by UTP]

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