• Gain an understanding of the importance of innovation, its management and strategies;
  • get an insight into the technology transfer process and the different stakeholders involved;
  • get an insight into management and performance issues surrounding knowledge and technology transfer;
  • gain an understanding of Intellectual Property Rights [IPR], their protection and different models of exploitation.
Duration: 5 days
  • Introduction to the course: innovation definition, challenges and context: what does it mean? What is its relevance to firms’ growth & survival? What are its forms/types? What are its sources and life cycle?
  • Innovation management & strategy (1): Should we be the first to innovate? 1st mover advantage strategy: its advantages and risks, fast follower or 2nd fast mover strategy;
  • Innovation management and strategy (2): Developing a new value proposition through innovation, capturing value from innovation via protecting new innovative knowledge;
  • Evaluation of Intellectual Property [IP], protection of innovative ideas; partners of MonoGutHealth (Vencomatic, Vanden Avenne, Kaesler Nutrition, CSEM) share their expertise (e.g. working as a scientist in industry; problems of industry in a globalised market; innovation in industry);
  • Each ESR reports about his/her strategy of IP and technology transfer including Think Tank ideas.
Practical training:
The ESRs will work in teams and challenge themselves by presenting their strategies on IP, technology transfer, innovation, commercialisation to industrial partners or to non-scientific public and academic partners. They will develop valuable transferable skills in communicating to a non-scientific audience, financial skills, negotiation, creative problem solving, team working and responsible innovation. For PCDP, the ESRs will consult a career planner at their local hosts. Next, during the training school, each PCDP will be evaluated and discussion and action points defined to follow-up their career planning
NEMEH, LA ROCCA [Rennes SB], PIRON [ULiège], invited talks from VAN DE VEN [Vencomatic], VAN GINDERACHTER [Vanden Avenne], KAESLER [Kaesler Nutrition], DUNBAR [CSEM]

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