WP2: Gut and microbiome development


Characterise the early life development of the GIT and the gut-associated microbiome of IUGR and low BtW piglets, and underweight broilers and the potential benefit of perinatal nutritional and supplemental strategies. To achieve this aim, 2 objectives and 6 tasks are defined:

1) Characterise the function and structure of the GIT of IUGR and low BtW piglets and underweight broilers in early life identified in WP1 and determine factors affecting the establishment and composition of the gut associated microbiome [T 2.1 ,T 2.2 ,T 2.3 ].

2) Evaluate the impact of selected nutritional bioactive and probiotic supplements on the development of the gut and the composition and function of the associated microbiome [T2.4, T2.5, T2.6, T2.7].


  • D 2 .1: The importance of sow and colostrum microbiota in developing the piglet intestinal microbiome established (ESR11); |

  • D 2.2: Developmental picture of microbiome from birth to weaning determined |