Get insights on how to get funding for research.


  • Grant applications;
  • planning a funding application;
  • writing a successful grant proposal;
  • applying for EU grants;
  • applying for national funding;
  • preparation of an application in practice;
  • aspects on dissemination and communication in a proposal;
  • communication and acquiring partners for the project;
  • development within the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation including involvement of appropriate stakeholders;
  • ways to implement novel break-through technologies in the agri-business enterprise (e.g. in ovo systems);
  • industry partner will provide view on investing into research projects;
  • local contact point for funding will provide guidelines on adequate funding search.

Practical training:

  • The ESRs will train on conceptualising a research project using their own ideas;
  • how to search for relevant granting sources; how to acquire partners and justify their proposal;
  • the ESRs will learn how to address evaluation criteria on case studies.


STADNICKA, SIWEK [both UTP], SMITH [ESCI], KRAJEWSKI [Vetdiganostica], local contact point for EU funds

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