WP6: Management


Deliver structured co-ordination; enabling excellent research, training and effective dissemination of the research outcomes.

6.1 Plan, facilitate and monitor the execution of the research programme and secondment exchanges;

6.2 Plan, organiSe and monitor the recruitment of ESRs and local and network-wide training programmes;

6.3 Ensure the timely reporting to the Commission.



Task 6.1

Recruit the project manager with experience in research administration and project management.

Task 6.2

Set-up and organise the Kick-off meeting, organise the SB, and finalise dates for subsequent project meetings and training schools


Task 6.3

Set-up and organise bi-annually project meetings and ongoing regular communication within the SB

Task 6.4

Finalise the data management plan, and when required manage IPR issues with the help of experts

Task 6.5

Ensure that recruitment of ESRs conforms to MSCA regulations and results in an optimal gender balance

Task 6.6

Collect and summarise general and specific (e.g. Think Tank discussion) feedback from ESRs and supervisors

Task 6.7
Collect and validate PCDP of recruited ESRs and match their training needs with MonoGutHealth training activities

Task 6.8

Together with WP5 leader, organise, co-ordinate and monitor the training, dissemination and communication activities


Task 6.9

Chair the SB and to take care of all the other practical issues of the ETN that might arise and inform the SB.

Task 6.10

Communicate all relevant information, requests and decisions between the REA and the consortium.

Task 6.11

Facilitate and organise timely preparation of scientific and financial reports.

Task 6.12

Manage and monitor project data storage and statistical rigour across the large data-sets produced by all partners.


  • D6.1: Recruitment of the project manager and formation of the SB |

  • D6.2: Data management plan finalised |

  • D6.3: ESR recruitments completed |

  • D6.4: Monitoring secondment exchanges |

  • D6.5: Production of timely year-end reports |

  • D6.6: Databases containing all numeric data of the project compiled, organised and stored for datamining purposes |