Nurturing Growth in Animal Feed Additives: A Transformative Secondment


ESR5 secondment blog

Embarking on an enriching journey during my secondment at Kaesler Nutrition has been a pivotal chapter in my professional growth. Immersed in the realm of animal feed additives production, my days were filled with invaluable experiences, each contributing to a multifaceted learning experience. On-site visits to production and marketing facilities provided me with a hands-on understanding of the intricate processes involved in animal feed additives production. Witnessing the real-world application of theoretical knowledge was enlightening and allowed me to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Actively participating in Research and Development projects was also part of my time at Kaesler Nutrition. The collaborative nature of the team fostered an environment where diverse perspectives converged to address challenges and innovate. This collective effort broadened my understanding of the industry’s complexities. A portion of my responsibilities involved the meticulous preparation of EU feed additive authorization dossiers. This introduced me to the complexities of getting animal feed additives accepted, a somewhat hidden aspect of industries that, however, requires a lot of effort. In the lab, I engaged in hands-on work related to feed production, applying theoretical knowledge to practical settings. My role in the creation of a scientific publication further emphasized the importance of translating research findings into tangible outcomes. From handling manuscripts to crafting abstracts, every step was a testament to the synergy between theory and application.

My time at Kaesler Nutrition was not just about individual growth; it was about being part of a dynamic team working collectively on diverse subjects. The collaborative spirit of the team enhanced my interpersonal skills, teaching me the art of effective communication and teamwork in a professional setting. As I reflect on this transformative experience, excitement fills me as I look forward to continuing my journey in this vibrant industry. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a network of inspiring colleagues, I am confident that the lessons learned during my secondment will shape my future endeavors.