ESR1 – It’s been already a year!


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It has been already one year since I am working as an ESR1 in the MonoGutHealth project, but it feels like I just started a few weeks ago. I left Bologna last year to move to this little city in Switzerland. It was quite a shock at the beginning, but the people from my team immediately made me feel at home. My overall experience of this year is definitively positive, from both a working and a social point of view. This project gave me the chance to interact with a completely new culture, which is what I like the most! Switzerland turned out to be a completely different place than I expected. People are nice and open and food is great (especially if you like cheese)! The country gives you the opportunity to enjoy both nature and life in the cities. Also, I could practice my English and learn (a bit of) French.

Thanks to the first training school organized by the MonoGutHealth project (here you can see blog about it), I had the chance to meet all the other ESRs and their supervisors. It was the perfect occasion to build a working and social network with my colleagues. Moreover, we could spend some time in Poland, a country I have never been before and I really appreciated.

Since the beginning of my PhD, I sugnificantly improved my knowledge on pig and poultry nutrition and physiology. I learnt how to introduce my project and present the research outcomes in front of different kind of audiences. I had my first experience using Python programming language for data analysis and machine learning, which is something I have never done before in my studies and I find exciting. 

I improved my veterinary skills as well, I had the chance to work with advance imaging analysis techniques, such as Computer Tomography and Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan imaging. Moreover, I got the opportunity to practice “on the field” with the pigs from our facility. 

At this point, I just cannot wait for what is about to come!