A rewarding year with the MonoGutHealth


ESR6 One year blog

It sometimes seems as though I have forever been part of the MonoGutHealth, yet I wonder how it is that time is blowing away very quickly. Well, I guess that is the reflection of the mixed feelings from being part of an international training program such as MonoGutHealth. I would describe it as a roller coaster experience. Being on an international program is something I have always wanted but the experience as MonoGutHealth fellow is far beyond my imagination. Given the right support, you never know how far you can reach within a short time. 






My time has been distinguished by intensive training not only in research but also in management, which has earned me diverse research and soft skills. I joined MonoGutHealth because I am passionate about science, research, and development and I also care about animal welfare, environment, and health. And so far on this program my experiences are exactly what I needed to make desirable impact in this field. I have been gathering knowledge that indeed could allow me design innovative ideas for maintaining sustainable environmental health through improvement in animal health research. From learning best methods for rapid disease diagnostics, to understanding the mechanism of host-pathogen interaction I am right on the path. The participation in targeted and well curated training schools, think tanks, research events generously made available by the MonoGutHealth has exposed me to current trends in animal research and the importance of early life intervention in maintaining sustainable livestock production.







Perhaps, what has been the most intriguing part of MonoGutHealth so far, is the multi-organisational partnership which has fostered collaboration with other researchers through supported secondments. The MonoGutHealth network is vast, and diverse and I relish the experience of meeting new people and doing “cool” science. I look forward to the rest of my stay in the program.